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What is the Care Centre?

It is the “connection hub” where our customer journey is at the center of the DH experience. By supporting customers before, during, and after services with a “constant caring touch”, DH aims to exceed every customer’s unique needs and preferences through high-quality, high-touch, high-value healthcare.

Our Continuum of Care

The customer journey is a continuous process incorporating all players within the healthcare ecosystem, from patients to physicians, providers, payers, and the public.

With five-star, boutique-like coordination, our Care Centre will deliver a convenient, proactive, and intelligent continuum of care to all of our customers.

  • Customer engagement
  • Personalized customer care
  • Patient education and communication
  • Program development
  • Query management
  • Post-treatment services
  • And more….

The DH Standard of Excellence

Through exceptional communication, organization, and coordination, customer care will be programmatically delivered across all DH service delivery environments.

The Care Centre team continuously monitors programme challenges and successes and dynamically adjust support as required.

Maximizing Every Touchpoint With Our Customers

We know that every single DH touch creates an impression of who we are as a company, our brand, what we stand for, our reputation, and our credibility.

The Care Centre is pleased to lead our customer experience efforts and further differentiate DH as the leading provider of international-standard private healthcare in Cayman.

Service excellence for the Doctors Hospital Care Centre is about how we work together to understand the needs of patients and deliver care in the best manner possible.

Scheduling Your Care via the Care Centre

Your healthcare needs are important to us. The Care Centre is here to answer questions and connect you with the right person to get you the care that you need. Available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm – the Care Centre customer specialists and clinical coordinator will guide you on next steps and are happy to ensure your healthcare journey is attended to.

(345) 914-6480

Referring Patients via the Care Centre

Providing the best hospital experience requires coordination and communication between all providers involved in a patient’s care. Our dedicated Referral team – lead by the Care Centre – is committed to serving you and your patients throughout the entire referral process.

The Referral team will help your patients:

  • Easily access key specialists at DH
  • Efficiently arrange all specialist and ancillary appointments
  • Effortlessly book multiple specialist appointments across DH providers

To get started, simply email a completed referral form, along with any necessary medical notes and/or diagnostics, to

Alternatively, you may fill out the online form below to directly upload your referral.

International Patients

Doctors Hospital offers a comprehensive array of leading-edge medical treatment services for international patients of all ages.

As you prepare for a future appointment, know that we have implemented many new guidelines to keep you and our employees safe. Enjoy expert DH medical care from the comfort of your home. Doctors Hospital Virtual Clinics are an easy way to access DH Healthcare Professionals and Physicians — in all specialties — on a secure telehealth platform. To schedule a virtual visit from wherever you are, please email or call (345) 325-9000 Ext 1 (to schedule an appointment).

Traveling to a foreign country for medical care can be a stressful experience for patients and family members. Doctors Hospital understands how important it is to enjoy real peace of mind as treatment proceeds. That’s why we go the extra mile to guarantee compassionate, customized care from your very first contact to your final visit.

Our Care Centre coordinators are ready to help you through your journey towards optimum health by providing you with seamless and personalized care and services. Learn more about our international patient support services. Email us at:

Our Services

Our Services

DH provides complete, high-quality health services. Our medical services range from primary and preventative care to specialty medical and surgical care.

Book Online

Book Online

New or returning patients can now book an appointment with a physician, specialist or diagnostics.

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Refer a Patient

Refer a Patient

DH is committed to working closely with referring providers in order to deliver the highest quality of care. Your patient’s care is important to us.

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